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Will the Bumper Badger protect my car bumper from damage?

The Bumper Badger is designed to protect a bumper’s finish. While it may not protect your bumper from impacts greater than 1MPH, the product is designed to minimize the risk of scratches resulting from low-impact parking maneuvers. The Bumper Badger is not a structural component and will not contribute to vehicle crashworthiness or occupant safety during rear-end collisions.

Will the Bumper Badger fit any vehicle?

The Bumper Badger is designed to fit a wide array of makes and models, with the exception of rear-engine vehicles. Straps should never be placed inside an engine compartment. Straps could come into contact with moving parts, resulting in damage and injury.

Can I drive with the Bumper Badger attached?

No, it is not safe to operate a vehicle with the Bumper Badger hanging from your vehicle’s bumper. Always return the product to your vehicle’s trunk prior to moving your vehicle. Please read product disclaimer and all instructions before using.

What should I do if the Bumper Badger’s Velcro straps don’t stick to my trunk carpet?

The Velcro on the Bumper Badger’s strap ends may not stick to all carpet types. If this occurs, use the extra two Velcro tabs provided. Note that the extra sticky tabs provided will not stick to carpet. Instead, find a smooth, hard surface on which to apply the sticky tabs. Alternatively, if your vehicle features a spare tire compartment, it is possible to secure the straps into that compartment and lower the lid. The weight of the lid will sometimes be enough to hold the straps.

Is the Bumper Badger weather proof?

Yes, the Bumper Badger was designed for outdoor parking. It may also be used when parking in indoor parking garages.

How do I attach my bumper protector?

Please refer to the installation instructions included in the box, or follow the online instructions for details.

How do I care for my Bumper Badger bumper guard?

The Bumper Badger should be washed regularly. Simply use water, a mild soap and a soft brush to clean the surface and remove dirt and debris. To prevent damage to your vehicle, never pass through a car wash with a bumper guard outside vehicle. If you use the optional pads with your Bumper Badger, clean them gently to avoid damage.

For additional care information instructions, click here.

How do I store my new bumper protector?

Store the Bumper Badger flat in your vehicle’s trunk or storage compartment. Folding the Bumper Badger may result in permanent creasing.

What is the return policy and return protocol?

If you’re not fully satisfied with the Bumper Badger, you may return the product for a refund within 15 days of receipt, minus initial shipping cost. Buyers are responsible for paying return shipping costs. To return the product, please contact us at info@bumperbadger.com to obtain RMA# and instructions. Product must be returned in new / resalable condition. Damaged or dirty products will not be refunded.

When will my Bumper Badger arrive? What shipping carrier do you use?

Orders are usually processed within 2-3 business days. We ship using UPS ground services. Delivery time may vary depending on location. For New York and the Tri-State area, allow 1-3 business days for shipping.

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